NanoWaterstops PVC - Flexible PVC Waterstops

NanoWaterstops PVC are high grade PVC extrusion formulated to meet the highest performance specifications. NanoWaterstops PVC are supplied as straight lengths along with factory fabricated junction pieces to simplify layouts and site jointing.

NanoFlex PU - Single component, polyurethane joint sealant

NanoFlex PU is a single part gun grade moisture curing low modules polyurethane sealant which cure at room temperature 25°C to an environmentally safe, tough flexible sealant. NanoFlex PU is intended for use where a tough, flexible seal required.

NanoFlex PS - Two part, polysulphide joint sealant

NanoFlex PS is a two component polysulphide sealant which, when mixed together, cures to form a flexible rubber seal. It gives excellent adhesion to glass, metals, concrete, masonry, wood, plastics, and many other building substrates.

NanoPrimer S - Low viscosity, primer for sealants

NanoPrimer S is a solvent based primer with excellent penetration and bonding on to the substrate.This is designed mainly to use in conjunction with sealants.

NanoBitulastic C - Cold applied, rubberized, bitumastic sealant.

NanoBitulastic C is a single component, solvent based, rubberized bitumastic joint sealant. The sealant on curing form a tough and flexible long lasting joint sealant. Provide watertight joints, particularly in conditions of permanent immersion.

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